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tostig - we focus on your performance

Now using facilities at Greenlands, Henley-upon-Thames (see below)*
- Performance skills - 
- Active Understanding - 
- Skilful Processing - 
- Accurate Composition - 
- Confident Delivery -

  • Managers and staff  often do not make progress after hours - even months or years - of learning.
  • They do not really feel a difference in how they perform.
  • tostig will guide coachees to real, powerful and measurable improvements in their performance, that they will experience from the very outset of the coaching experience.

How can tostig help you?

1) Proven results in using English skills with performance coaching. Check our Testimonials to see why we are so good, (and to see our gallery of photos), and these articles about Outcomes-based coaching, on our Guest Book page, to find out how we do it!

2) We specialise in communications for leadership, management, self-improvement and company cultural change management, using NLP for rapid change.

3) tostig offers coaching in communications skills in the use of English, in the work environment, ensuring rapid improvements in your proficiency and effectiveness, and gain an advantage! Skype - click here, small groups, and 1:1. Check About Us to see why we are so different and the options available for your programme.

4) Alongside coaching, we offer teaching and training in English for those whose aim is to remedy their lack of English, and get to a higher level, fast! Please contact us, to find out more about how we can help clients who have less English, to make measurable improvements, fast, and to learn about our background.
4) To help with job-oriented promotion or with high-status individuals who need to meet new challenges, in a huge range of contexts, by specific coaching in the UK - view our Gallery in the Testimonials page.

6) We offer specific coaching in University academic pre-sessional needs (IELTS, TOEFL) and boarding school entrance examination papers. Contact us to find out more!

6) Flexible times, and competitive prices with a pricing structure to suit your budget - see all these on the Contact Us page, for more information!  

7) Maximum progress in minimum time. Push your boundaries. Expand your horizons. 

On our guest book page you can find links to other areas of our work, articles and much more; please feel free to leave your remarks!


In our booklet you will find a summary of a typical programme.


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What is tostig?

Bespoke programmes in the UK - click here!

Fast and effective coaching, personal change, skills development and rapid learning techniques (and sometimes using NLP) in Warwick, Henley-upon-Thames* and Westminster (Central London)
If you use English in work, and business, as your means of communication, (and additionally are not a native speaker of English?) you will perhaps either feel disadvantaged or in need of rapid improvement at a number of levels

Do you need to develop important presentational and interpersonal communications skills, or are perhaps struggling with other issues that are affecting you both internally and externally, that you would like to resolve?
Imagine what you would like to achieve in your personal and business communication and self-management skills, and what you need to know about how others think..
You can make the shifts that will bring you fantastic outcomes, and that change your experience of the world and your understanding of how you communicate in it.
Think of how you could reach that target, and what you need.
tostig skills training is based on tried-and-tested principles gained through over 25 years' experience of personalised training with individual - and groups of - delegates from all around the world, backed up by the best possible methods. 


How does Skype* coaching work, so powerfully?

Our 'outcomes-based' coaching and learning is powerful and different from having a conversation over the internet, or accessing learning materials online. Tostig does not use these conventional methods. For prices, click here or see the Contact Us page!

tostig uses a unique approach (click here for our Skype brochure), taking the client through a sequence of sessions beginning with better cognitive understanding and leading to better thought-processing by the client, greatly improved composition skills, and to more effective performance in English in your field.

On the Testimonials page you will find the feedback of real clients who sing the praises of this unique Skype coaching method.

This Outcomes-based approach is central to tostig and has been published in a variety of articles. Please see the Guest Book page.


- Rapidly reaching clearly-defined outcomes in your English communication and performance skills that have been planned and tailor-made with you -

tostig - we focus on your performance

* Outcomes-based coaching 
* bespoke programmes in at Greenlands (Henley-upon-Thames) and staying at a comfortable historic English inn - click here for more price info!

- The future belongs to those who manifest their goals -
contact tostig today, to discuss your needs

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