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Who are we?

Peter Zoeftig BA Hons (European Studies) PGCE  
dip.NLP; LCoach.dip;  dip.HYP;  dip.body language
Member of the AMT (Association of Meridian Therapists)

Julia Charnley BA Hons (English Lang and Lit)
ALCM (TD) Associate of the London College of Music and Drama
LTCL (PD) Licentiate of the Trinity College of London or use the contact sheet below!

  • Peter's long experience working with top-level clients from around the world, of departmental and company management, background in NLP, hypnotherapy and life coaching, and with the advantage of in-depth knowledge and experience of education
  • Julia's award-winning voice-training and performance coaching along with years spent at regional sales - as regional manager for Tie Rack during its years of rapid growth - as well as Board level and company leadership
  • both have records of turning failure into success, and can give you every assurance that your stay will lead to measurable changes and results.
  • Your stay can be of 2, 3 or 4 days' duration. You will stay in a prime Spa Hotel or quality conference residence or Inn (please see our brochure for further details) and be coached during the morning and afternoon in a quality meeting room in tailor-made modules designed around you. 
  • Your evening activities are flexible but can be arranged to suit your needs. Please tell us your plans and preferences. 
  • We just ask that you be ready to pursue your rigorous coaching schedule in the morning after breakfast! 
  • download our pdf brochure for more information
  • We guarantee that you will be ready to perform


How much does it cost?

Remember - Free trial Skype lessons to introduce you to the tostig English For Action Skype method!

Skype ......

  • For your Skype English communication performance needs, we have made 20% discounts on personal coaching plans of over ten hours on Skype and we provide free trial sessions! For plans of 20 sessions or more, we offer 30% discounts. 
  • For Skype tariffs and charges, click here.. (Free trial lesson, remember!)
  • £100-£120 per hour for background work carried out for you (in writing emails, preparing presentations or meetings) can be arranged at any time.
  • For more information about why our Skype lessons are different, look at the tostig Skype brochure, and contact us today!

What times for Skype?

  • Any time to correspond to your needs, during the day or evening, to fall between 9am - 10pm UK times;  check our Skype brochure!

After Skype coaching, come to England for an intensive challenge!
tostig bespoke coaching in the UK at Greenlands...

  • Download our brochure here!
  • £800 - £1200 per day, in a prime Spa hotel or quality residence. See our testimonials page for an example, and for the gallery, or click here!
  • Clients may begin with Skype coaching, before coming over to England, for intensive consolidation and challenging performance training, "in situ" in a meeting room, etc..
  • UK-based, tailor-made coaching where immersion in the English culture, along with the one to one training in a number of key areas is possible.
  • Coaches with knowledge of sales, marketing and management, experience of public performance and powerful presentations, coaching give in conflict management and leadership.
  • Coaching using NLP if requested 
  • For more info, click here!
  • tostig methods are outlined in these articles by Peter


Payment methods 

  • All payments are via Bank Transfer, Swift/IBAN etc - your precise arrangements can be discussed with you at your convenience, but we usually take payment before the end of the course


Contact Us
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Ask for a "taster" Skype lesson to show what we are about.

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