tostig - outcomes-based coaching - communication skills, problem-management, and performance

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tostig - we focus on your performance
- everyone has the potential for powerful communication within themselves; 
the difference is in how it is accessed -
- when we compose our words, we compose ourselves -

Stop press
- we now offer specific coaching in IELTS, TOEFL and University academic pre-sessional needs and boarding school entrance examination papers 
- for all your English communication performance needs - we have made 20% discounts on personal coaching plans of over ten hours on Skype... 
- we provide free trial sessions!

Rapidly reaching clearly-defined outcomes in your English communication that have been planned and tailor-made with you

In our booklet you will find a summary of a typical programme.


fast and effective coaching, personal change, skills development and rapid induction techniques and NLP in Warwick, Stokenchurch and Westminster (Central London)
if you use English in work, and business, as your means of communication, (and additionally are not a native speaker of English?) you will perhaps either feel disadvantaged or in need of rapid improvement at a number of levels

do you need to develop important presentational and interpersonal communications skills, or are perhaps struggling with other issues that are affecting you both internally and externally, that you would like to resolve?
imagine what you would like to achieve in your personal and business communication and self-management skills, and what you need to know about how others think..
you can make the shifts that will bring you fantastic outcomes, and that change your experience of the world and your understanding of how you communicate in it.
think of how you could reach that target, and what you need.
tostig English communications skills training is based on tried-and-tested principles gained through over 25 years' experience of personalised training with individual - and groups of - delegates from all around the world, backed up by the best possible methods. 
we offer:
  • small same-company groups or 1:1 - see "About Us" for more details
  • the means to reach your goals quickly and surely.
  • valued experience at flexible prices*
  • short-term and long-term assistance.
  • the benefit of years of practice gained from direct teaching of hundreds of satisfied people, from a huge variety of companies, and from every walk of life anmall same-company groups or 1:1
  • business English and personal effectiveness coaching.
  • use of voice coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, body language coaching and advanced communications skills training using processing techniques that focus on deep-level change
  • soft diplomacy skills, conflict management, and powerful presentation tools
  • video recording and playback to work every key element in performance
  • total confidentiality
  • we can provide residence in a beautiful Spa quality hotel with swimming pool, gym, sauna and golf facilities, or in a discreet relaxing country hotel, or Westminster setting right in the centre of London
  • we give rigorous coaching in the day, and accompanied evenings outside, responding to your needs.
  • above all we promise a short and powerful coaching experience that places an emphasis on enjoyment, openness, and real performance.
  • tostig combines simplicity and beauty of approach with deep-level questioning, achievable and measurable change, and clear outcomes.

*£1000-£1200 per day; £100-£120ph ( Skype £75 per hour*) *discounts negotiable over a larger number of sessions depending on the package.


- The future belongs to those who manifest their goals -
contact tostig today, to discuss your needs

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